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you’re old when the movies being shown on TCM are movies that were made in your lifetime – you actually know them and have seen them (I’ve seen Bad Boys and City of Angels on the line-up)

your day can only get better after starting it by cleaning up after the naughty doglets decided to ‘unpack’ a rubbish bag all over the garden

you’re weird when you get I-won-the-lottery kinda excited because you were finally able to schedule a meeting between the venue, the caterers and the bride (the diary next week is almost fully booked and it’s taken many attempts to secure this meeting)

you’re up-to-date with work when you’re looking for work to do to keep yourself busy

your office is quiet when the lack of phone calls is directly proportional to the lack of emails

it’s time to go make another cuppa tea when you’ve been staring at a draft post for so long that your fingers (poised at the keyboard for when inspiration strikes) are frozen and too cold to move

Is there anything I should know? 😉

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles


  1. nothing seriously exciting (that i can talk about right now) – and i’m NEVER up to date on work – HOW do you do it?

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