Yoga in the Park

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A couple weeks ago I was invited to a Facebook event for Yoga in the Park. I wasn’t able to attend but made sure that I went this time around. Every Sunday morning a small yoga class takes place at Emmarentia Dam under a tree. I happened to know the instructor today as she has taught me at my yoga studio, and the usual instructor Steven has taught me before as well.

I didn’t have a good yoga experience today. My body wasn’t cooperating with me and I felt like I couldn’t balance or do the poses as easily as I normally can. It could have been the heat. It could have been the change in venue and the fact that I had stones digging into my back and feet. It could have been that I felt self conscious considering the other park-goers stopped and stared. It could also just have been that I was tired and have had an emotionally challenging week. So overall it was a bad yoga day but I still had fun nonetheless.

Definitely going to try and make this class once a month as I think it’ll make for a nice break, out in the open, getting some fresh air, some sun on my translucent limbs and some wind through my hair. I’d think it’ll make a nice addition to my plan of more exercise.

yoga 1

yoga 2

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