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A good school friend of mine is getting married in August this year, and unfortunately I can’t attend her wedding. After declining the invite from my friend, I received an invite to the Bachelorette Party yesterday. Now as far as the etiquette/rules go, if you can’t attend the wedding then you’re usually not invited to the Bachelorette Party.

So… Do I take this up with the organiser? Do I say yes and go to the party even though I’m not going to the wedding? Or do I decline this invite too?


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  1. It may have been a slip – forgotten, and just invited everyone. I get it quite a bit too. Frankly have always viewed it as an excuse to get presies lol. Decline imo – you can’t attend. Don’t think it was done in a wrong way – lots of people just do things according to their own rules, and not old ettiquette.

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  2. If she’s a good friend and u’d like to go, go… And take her a prezzie since u won’t make her wedding…
    Just my opinion, whadda I know? 😉

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  3. I agree with Tanya, just because you can’t make it to the wedding doesn’t mean that you have to be excluded from all the other arrangements, and if she’s a good friend she would want you there regardless

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  4. Yip, I agree with the rest. If you cant make the wedding, but would still like to celebrate with her, go.
    I must admit, most weddings i have been to, dont follow that rule. In fact, a lot of people who could not make the wedding used the bachelorette as a way to celebrate with her.

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  5. I hope you took the majority advice here and go! Bachelorette parties are so much fun! Besides, you’ll feel left out when you meet up with girlfriends and they rave about the bachelorette and wedding and all you can do is smile. Going to one means at least you’ll be able to join in the conversation and the giggles 🙂

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