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I’m a sucker for online competitions especially if they don’t require anything too intense from me. Unfortunately for me though, I hardly ever get drawn as the winner. Except for recently…

I have been reading the Tsogo Sun Blog because they often share MasterChef Mystery Box recipes which I immediately forward on to Gary for when he next feels in the mood to whip something fancy together. When I saw a note on one post saying there would be winners drawn at random if you comment etc, I thought that it couldn’t be simpler.

So I commented a few times here or there. And then yesterday I got notified that I was drawn as a random winner! Yay me right!

I picked up the prize today and was so excited! Not only did I win a wonderful spice rack, Robertsons also added a few herbs and spices to the mix! I can’t wait to watch my husband trying it out while he cooks considering he cooks more than I do. (Double win if I do say so myself.)

What do you think? Gorgeous hey?!

Spice Rack

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  1. Congrats!!

    What a really cool prize 🙂

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