What’s in a name?

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When you’re in the business of planning weddings sometimes things can get confusing!

We deal with the same preferred suppliers for each of our events and it has become necessary to be sickeningly specific when being in touch. For instance, whenever we send an email to a supplier, the subject line states the wedding and the date like so: Jane Smith wedding > 1 February 2012. This means that whenever we correspond, we are both on the same page as to the wedding we are talking about.

Now this year is more confusing than ever as we have a bunch of Sarah’s and Nicole’s/Nicola’s getting married. I’m not sure if there is something in the air this year but I may lose a few brain cells working on these projects and remembering who is who.

The Sarah’s…
We had a Sarah B in March.
We have a Sarah H in July.
And we have a Sarah B in August.

The Nicole’s/Nicola’s…
We have a Nicola in May.
Followed by a Nicole the week after.
And then another Nicole in December.

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