What a week

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This past week has been chaos. And if I’m completely truthful, I’d say that last week was chaos too.

First let’s discuss last week…
Doofus (the event assistant) put in his resignation last week Tuesday. It just so happened to be the day that his three month probationary contract expired. This couldn’t have been a better explanation of a Catch 22 if we tried – he wasn’t doing a great job so we were happy that he resigned, but we had a wedding in Durban that Saturday and he was going to be driving down in the company vehicle transporting our props etc. The rest of Tuesday was spent trying to “plug holes” by finding an alternative driver, ensuring all the things he was supposed to have done were done, etc. It was a stressful day! He arrived at work on Wednesday, after he and The Boss had gone to coffee on Tuesday evening, and announced that he would be assisting with the wedding and then would be leaving after that. Crisis semi averted. Now we needed to get help in to assist with the chaos that was this week. Luckily we managed to find an appropriate “new” events assistant and brought in another events co-ordinator to assist.

Now to the chaos of this week…
Event number 1 was a breakfast on Tuesday morning at 08h00 for 8 guests. Luckily it was a small number of guests as we only got confirmation on Monday morning. This meant running around sourcing caterers, flowers, getting the decor ready, etc.
Event number 2 was the styling of rooms at a bank for their exclusive clients to sign new credit cards or such like. We only received sign off of the quote yesterday afternoon which again meant chaos in getting the relevant props from suppliers, flowers delivered, etc in time that we could setup at 4pm yesterday.
Event number 3 is a 50th birthday that took place this afternoon. When we were first briefed on it, it was going to take place at the client’s private home. The relevant suppliers were provisionally booked so all was in order. Then last week the venue changed to a restaurant in Morningside. So we had to cancel some suppliers and change other orders to suit the new venue. Then at 2pm yesterday, it was moved back to her private home again. Chaos ensued! We needed to get in touch with all the suppliers and get them booked for the last minute change. It took some serious effort in getting the bar and catering services booked as well as the necessary tables and chairs delivered in time.
Event number 4 is a wedding that takes place tomorrow afternoon. We had the final meeting with the client on Wednesday afternoon and she decided then that she needed table numbers. So again, more chaos in trying to get an urgent printing job done with our already busy suppliers. On the brightside, all other aspects of her wedding are sorted so this last minute hitch didn’t matter that much.
Event number 5 is a 50th birthday party also taking place tomorrow except it’s an evening function. This client has been particularly difficult and demanding. We were approached with this event a couple months ago but she has been so disorganised that everything has been last minute (I am still waiting for the table seating plan). She requested last night that she no longer deal with me because I’m rude. Gary made me feel better about this snotty comment by saying, “some people just mistake rudeness for efficiency”. Thanks my Sexy.
And finally, event number 6 is a small teaspoon exhibition that is taking place at our offices. Everything was setup during the day yesterday with the opening taking place last night. They are exhibiting today until 6pm, and again tomorrow from 10am until 1pm. I am “running” this from my desk as not much needs to be done from my side other than letting in the visitors.

How’s that for chaos?!

Hope your week(s) has been better than mine!

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles


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