What a day

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I know I shouldn’t moan because being busy is a good thing. It means the money’s coming in, the day is going faster, and there isn’t any clock-watching. BUT it’s not good when I’m so busy that the first bathroom break I manage to get is at 6:30pm when I finally am able to leave the office. My day went like this…

1. Last minute Larry:
Some background: we were contacted yesterday about a small cocktail function taking place THIS Thursday. I duly put together a costing and got this through to the client yesterday afternoon.
This morning I received an email saying that the costing needed to be changed to include more decor (this after being told yesterday that they only had X amount of budget). Between the many calls from the client and the constant changing in brief, the telephone became my neck’s #1 enemy – my neck was in such pain from lodging the phone between my ear and shoulder. And after the final change in brief, I amended the costing once more. And just when i thought it would be finalised I received another call from the client where I neededto put her at ease that “yes, the decor is perfectly suited to the event” and “yes this is what The Boss suggested”. She finally sent through the signed documents confirming the event just after 5pm along with the invoicing details. And my last move was to draw up an invoice and send it through for full prepayment.

2. The I-don’t know-about-timelines Company:
This particular company is a pain in the butt! They are known to spring briefs on you at the last moment and need the costing and concept before the close of business on the SAME day they sent the brief. Now I work pretty quickly but when you’re working on numerous proposals and costings, a same-day turnaround is not always possible. Now in this particular case there are a few events in the pipeline… The one event (which is taking place next week) required feedback from the client so I could amend the costing in order for it to be signed off to confirm the event, an invoice to be made and the necessary supplier orders done. I finally managed to get this costing updated and sent off just after 5pm. And while I was finalising this costing, I was being hassled for the costing for their new event… This new event brief was received late this morning and they needed the costing etc by…you guessed it…the end of today. I managed to get everything through to them before I left at 6:30 and as I was switching off my PC I spotted another email from them for another new event and…no prize for a correct guess…they need this proposal and costing soonest tomorrow.

Add to this a phone that rings non-stop, meetings to sit in on, other events that need supplier confirmation, meetings to setup, dealing with a Doofus, triaging emails, and and and…

On the brightside I have an amazing fiancé who welcomed me home in the best way possible. I arrived to a wonderful bear hug and was then escorted inside to a closed bathroom door. I could hear the soft sounds of a bath being drawn and upon opening the door (or rather having the door opened for me) I discovered a candlelit bath awaiting my tired body. It was awesome and definitely the highlight of my day!

I’m hoping tomorrow won’t be as bad as today. I’m hoping I’ll have time for a bathroom break at least once during the day. I’m hoping to have a proper lunch and at least two cups of tea. I’m hoping tomorrow will be better than today.

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles

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  1. That sounds like a tough day – why do people think you push two buttons and things just happen.

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  2. Gary is just the sweetest! I’m so glad you found him and he’s part of our family 🙂 xx
    p.s. Wish I hadn’t seen that pic of that Lindt dessert again – now I’m sitting in 50 degrees Celsius heat in Baghdad and wishing for one!

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  3. Ok, this might seem a bit arb, but since you brought it up twice in your post, I thought I’d touch on it: It is really important NOT to hold the pee when you need to go. Bladder infection (non-symptomatic until it was already a severe kidney infection) is what sent me into premature labour with #babyparkins at 23 weeks. And it was caused by ignoring the need to go because I was too busy looking after 3 other kids and trying to get things done…
    You need to look after yourself, lady! You won’t be much use to anyone if you’re off sick, ne?

    Okay, lecture over.

    Now, what I really wanted to say was I really admire how together you always seem to be – one of those really well-organised, on-top-of-things people. I’ve always admired that. I’m more of a bite-off-way-more-than-I-can-chew type person who then ends up being endlessly grateful for anyone vaguely like you who happens to come to my rescue! ;-P

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