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Finding a suitable venue for any function is tricky. But finding a venue for a wedding can be difficult, especially when you are looking for something very particular. I have been on the look out for something out of the ordinary. Someplace that isn’t your traditional venue.

The first venue we had a look at was suggested to me by a friend of mine who owns Runaway Romance which is all about the non-traditional when it comes to weddings (she organises unique weddings as well as elopements). The venue is a working farm near The Cradle of Mankind and I instantly fell in love with the openness and rolling hills, the rustic barn setup and the surrounding areas that could be used for the ceremony and canapes, not to mention the unique photos we could get. There were a few concerns we had but we still kept this venue in the back of our minds as our number one as well as using it to measure up the other venues we saw.

venue 1

The second venue we looked at shouldn’t even get a mention. <insert angry face>

Basically they didn’t get back to the first email I sent requesting a meeting to discuss our wedding and be guided through the venue. Then when they did get back to me we arranged for a meeting early one Sunday only to have me arrive and not be able to view anything because they had a christening taking place at the time of the meeting. Surely they knew about this in advance and could rather have requested I come through earlier/later?! Anyways…

The third venue we went to look at definitely fit the “different” requirement. Overall the ceremony and reception areas were not cohesive in their decor or design and would be difficult to tie together if we were to get married there. Not to mention it is super close to the airport so our “I Do’s” could totally be interrupted by some rude plane deafening us as it flew overhead.

venue 2

After seeing these venues MrMan decided that he wanted to see a few more to get a feel for what else is out there and the costs involved, as well as to get some other ideas as to what we could do with number one choice (at this point).

The fourth venue we looked at was a little accidental as I had organised for us to go to a Farm to Table lunch in Lanseria. I had thought we were seeing a specific venue based on the lunch details and one that I had enquired with but was a little out of our budget. We ended up at a sister venue which had a lovely, relaxed atmosphere and which we thought could work until we took a proper walk around after our lunch. There was so much possibility but nothing would work perfectly for the ceremony area and it didn’t help that it is directly next door to a concrete factory so we had fantastic views of concrete mixers… Sooooo romantic!


After this we made a list of a few other venues that we liked the look of from the website. From these the list got shorter as one venue was no longer a wedding venue and another was not available for the dates we were looking at. By this stage we had kind of made our minds up about pursuing the first venue we saw. We had made arrangements to view another venue (the fifth venue) and we decided we would keep the appointment just to see what it was all about. And I am so glad we did because after one walk through we were in love…

The venue has so much charm and is everything we loved about the barn and then some! Now to get it booked for our big day and continue on with the planning! *excitement*

venue 5

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