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A big hug and thank you to Twistygirl who awarded me this:

I have received this award before. And feel privileged to have received it again, a year down the line.

5 random facts about me…
1. My shoe size has changed recently. I’m not quite sure whether I’m just getting old or whether it’s because it’s winter and my feet have shrunk…
2. I am a terribly cheap date… One sip of wine and I’m completely toasted!
3. I have a competitive personality which I think stems from being the youngest of four kids.
4. I am fanatic about spelling and grammar. Correct spelling and grammar is so ingrained in me that I can’t read a menu without picking up mistakes.
5. My sweet tooth rules me. I will eat condensed milk out of the can to satisfy Miss Tooth!

And now to nominate five other deserving bloggers…
Eliza & Yoga Therapy
The Jackson Files


  1. Thanks lady, that’s really sweet of you. I’ve been meaning to write this comment for the past two days. My feet grew when I was pregnant with Jackson. And I know someone who slept with Kylie Minogue back in the 1990s – how’s THAT for random?

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    • Aww thank you! 🙂 been meaning to comment forever… but work’s been getting in the way of doing fun stuff, like reading blogs. *hugs*

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