Valentine’s Day Surprise

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I’m not usually a fan of Valentine’s Day as I think you should show your love for your significant other every day of the year, but this sounded like something different to enjoy together. The surprise planning all started when I received a mail in early January from The Forum advising me of their upcoming events. Once I found out more about their special outdoor movie and picnic event in Bryanston the planning took shape and I booked tickets.

To keep the details a surprise from MrMan I purposefully didn’t click the “Interested” or “Going” button on Facebook. This meant that I had to remember to check back on the page for more information which I only remembered to do a couple days before the event.

The day arrived and I checked the weather forecast like a maniac, slowly getting more and more nervous as it became more cloudy than partly-cloudy. As we got in the car to head out the first few raindrops attacked the car. The clouds didn’t look too dark and thunderous so we hoped that it would blow over. Unfortunately it didn’t. It actually got worse as the night wore on but that didn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves.

When we arrived the grass area we were supposed to setup our picnic blankets and chairs on was already sodden so we found a spot on the patio under a large umbrella which we claimed with our camping chairs.

Valentines setting

The menu for the evening sounded delicious when I first saw it, and did not disappoint! We received a picnic box which contained our starter and dessert items. The breads were so fresh and tasty. The pates were equally as tasty and we flattened the porcini mushroom option in a matter of seconds! We did not have our dessert items though as we were pretty full by this stage, plus we’d had to move inside to finish watching the movie.

Valentines menu

Valentines box

The movie being screened was Notting Hill and was set to start at 7pm. Unfortunately the weather started growing worse from about 6:30 with lots of thunder, lightning and heavy rain. We managed to stay outside for the first 30 minutes of the movie before taking a call to go to the inside auditorium to watch where it was warmer and drier.

Even though the outdoor movie night did not go as planned, we had a great evening. Thanks to the organisers and staff for trying their best to keep us all happy given the circumstances.

Valentines selfie

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