Two Little Girls & The Little Mermaid

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I read about a competition on Melinda’s blog for tickets to see The Little Mermaid at the Joburg Theatre… Immediately I had visions of being the cool Aunty Jess and taking my two eldest nieces out for an afternoon at the theatre. I had to enter…what other choice did I have!

And I won!

And we went this past Saturday for an afternoon of Ariel, Sebastien and Flounder…

We picked up our complimentary tickets from the Box Office, bought some snacks from the concession stand and made our way to our seats. I was really worried about the seating prior to the day as I wasn’t sure whether there was set seating or a “sit anywhere vibe”. I am really glad it was set seating as it makes it so much easier knowing what time to get there and knowing that you won’t have to fight for a good seat. I was also really impressed at the cost of the snacks considering these two little girls wanted everything… 🙂

Two little girls. One smiling in anticipation. One scoffing her lollipop and staring at the stage.

And now some pics of the performance… I took only a few as we found out at intermission that we actually weren’t allowed to take any pics!

(I really loved the character that played Ursula. She fitted the role to the T!)

The play was amazing! And I am so glad that the theatre attached a pamphlet to our tickets of upcoming performances as there are definitely a few I want to book to go to next year. On that note, have a look at these two faces totally captured by what was happening on stage!

Thanks again Melinda & Joburg Theatre!

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles

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