Trying out my green fingers

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I have always believed myself to have black fingers. Black fingers of death. Because generally whatever growing green thing I touch, turns to dead. Take for instance the sprig of mint that my dad dropped off at my house when he moved out of his house. Not just any sprig of mint mind you, a sprig of mint from the family mint bush that was first grown way back when in Scotland. When it was delivered to my house, it was alive and growing in its own little pot. I was diligent in watering it. Perhaps a little too diligent. My black fingers had turned another growing green thing over to the dark side.

But then something happened to make me believe that my black fingers were turning green…or greenish. I was given a beautiful orchid for my birthday (the first birthday I celebrated in our new home). I carefully read through the instructions on watering, care, etc and I vowed that I would water it each Wednesday. And so far, it’s still alive! It may even appear to be growing more leaves and an extra sprig!

So since I have managed to keep the most temperamental plant alive for almost a year, I decided today that I would try my hand at planting herb seeds.

I dug out some little metal containers (complete with metal tray) that I had bought ages ago from WestPack. Then I scoured the garden to find some suitable soil to fill them with. (This was quite a feat as our garden is in dire need of attention.) I followed the instructions at the back of the seed packets about the amount of soil to put on top once the seeds were in, what type of sunlight was needed, etc. And then I watered them a little and made each container its own label. I think they look cute…even if I do say so myself.

green fingers

I will be watering them a little each day. I will be keeping them in the office which is nice and warm during the day and gets full sunlight. And I’m hoping that they will thrive with the music that gets played during the day.

Counting down the days till I see the first hint of green…


  1. I’m also useless with plants, but basil is super easy and grows like wildfire. My basil grew like crazy, so if I can do it, I’m sure you can too. 😀

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  2. I bow down to you. I managed to even kill our cactus. Sigh.

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  3. I’m trying my hand at gardening, again, this year. So far I’ve said goodbye to many lavender plants, mint, chillies, amaryllis, oh the list is long. Planted herbs last weekend, will see how it works out.

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