Top 10 Geek Engagement Bling

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So you want to take things to the next level with your significant other. But you want to get a ring that epitomises their love of all-things geek. Well, this post is just for you! After trawling the interwebs, here are my top 10 rings to make the geek in your life say YES!

1. Hello Kitty
hello kitty

A gorgeously girly ring for those Hello Kitty fans out there! Add to this the heart-shaped diamond and you have a winner. The bonus with this ring is that the design is so intricate that a wedding band will not be necessary.

2. Harry Potter
harry potter

Simple and beautiful. You could add two circular diamonds in the spectacle frame, but we love it as is! An extra million bonus points will have to be given to someone that chooses a wedding band that has a moustache on it so we get to see Harry with facial hair.

3. Lego

Silver and diamonds, that’s what all Lego blocks should be made of. This is the perfect choice for the not-so-girly girl.

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