Tonight the parents meet

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…and I’m a nervous wreck with an over-active imagination!

My mom will meet Gary’s parents for the first time tonight and I’m so nervous that they won’t get along or find things in common. I’m worried that there’ll be a very awkward silence while we’re around the dinner table. And I’m worried that I’ll have to resort to wine* to calm my fears. I’m sure things won’t be that bad though… *Holding thumbs and crossing fingers*

On a lighter and much less worried note… Gary joked with his parents yesterday saying that he’ll have to give them a manual on what the correct etiquette is when dining with a baroness**. And for a second they thought he was serious…

Hopefully tonight will kick my fears in their butts, and have the parentals laughing and chatting until I have to drag my mom home…

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles

*Anyone that knows me well, knows that I can’t handle alcohol. I’m such a cheap date that I’m plastered after just one sip!
**My mom is a baroness and I so wish the title could be handed down to me.

Note: My mom lives and works in Abu Dhabi so I wanted to organise for her to meet Gary’s parents while she was out here for my niece’s birth, else she’d end up meeting them for the first time at the wedding! My dad and step-mom have not yet met Gary’s parents since they also live in Johannesburg and there isn’t any rush. I think I’ll be even more nervous when their time comes to meet…

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  1. Holding my thumbs you don’t have to resort to wine too :))
    LOL at Gary’s parents thinking he was serious!

    I’m sure everyone will have a lovely time!!!

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  2. I am sure it went great!

    But more importantly…your Mom is a Baroness? Wow, how, why etc
    You SO need to get your hands on that title 🙂

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  3. @Cat @Hayley My mom’s grandfather was given the title of Baron way back when as he owned a specific part of land in Prussia. The title was then passed down through her father to her and her oldest brother. Unfortunately I cannot claim the title as it’s not passed down through my mom… Sucks, I know!

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  4. Hahahaha! Loved Gary’s angle …

    So, how did the dinner go? Did you have to resort to the calming effect of the fruit of the vine? I’m sure the parentals got on just fine … you two gorgeous kids are after all the fruit of their loins … how can they not get on? ☺

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  5. I remember how nervous I was to meet Barend’s one sister as they are extremely close. Needless to say I got horribly plastered at our first meeeting as I mixed red wine with OB’s, such a no… no. AND she was actually so impressed….said I was really down to earth. We are great friends now!!!!

    Good luck I am sure it will go well 🙂

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  6. I’m sure you’re all wondering whether I had to resort to the wine, and if my nerves and worries were realistic…

    I’m very happy to report that dinner went very well! I must say that not having been around my mom much in the last few years, I’d forgotten how talkative she is (I’m told this “gift of the gab” comes from her being a teacher). This meant that there weren’t many awkward silences or quiet moments! She spoke about her work in Abu Dhabi as an educational advisor, and of all her exotic trips. And Gary’s mom spoke about her work and their travels, and asked questions of my mom, showing genuine interest in the answers given.

    I must say that I’m really glad they were able to meet now, instead of meeting for the first time at the wedding!

    Now onto planning the next parental meeting… *nervous giggle*

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  7. Sounds like it went well!!

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  8. Gosh, I can just imagine my parents meeting Jon’s. My mom would be all like, “so – what’s life like without bacon? Do you ever cheat? God can’t see through the sky on cloudy days, you know…”

    And poor Jon’s mother will be so shocked she won’t know where to look so she’d end up getting nervous and telling an inappropriate joke at the dinner table like she’s been known to do in the past.

    Sigh. Relationshits are not fun, sometimes.

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