TomTom Year End & New Product Launch

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Last night I attended the TomTom Year End and New Product Launch in Newtown. It was a Shebeen themed event and it was a ton of fun. I was there as a representative of Girl Guides and thoroughly enjoyed finding my name under “Press” at registration (being in events I’m normally the one handing out nametags).

After getting my name tag, I walked into the alleyway which transported me to a whole other world. I was handed a milktart martini (which was absolutely divine) and I made my way down the alley to where I could hear a band playing…

I took in my surroundings – Soweto inspired street names on poles, traditional South African canapés being served out of beer boxes, corrugated-iron kiosks that acted as bar and food servers. I even had my hand “henna-ed”…

And then I went off to explore the little nooks and rooms. One room held a few TomTom’s to play with. One room held a bar and food stations as well as a photo booth

And then we went through to the presentation room…

Daan Hendriks, country manager for TomTom, started the presentation off by welcoming everyone and mentioning stats of how the audience was made up. Joost Jedden was then introduced who told us that Tomtom’s goal is to put a TomTom in every car. We were then taken through their innovations – in-dash mounting systems keeping all cords and wires behind the dash – and their new products that will be hitting the shelves just in time to fill Christmas stockings – an entry-level PND (personal navigation device) to suit all pockets, a PND to navigate you from Marrakesh to Cape Town… It’s all very exciting!

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