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The time has come to find a new place to live. At the moment we live in a spacious two bedroomed cottage that has a walled-off garden and a separate entrance from the main house. Problem is our landlady told us a month or two ago that she had subdivided her property and would be putting the cottage on the market.

This was a bit of a shock but it was the desperate kick in the pants that we needed. You see, we had gotten lackadaisical in that we’ve been *unhappy here for the last few months but had not started to look at available rentals. Now we have the necessary incentive to get a move on and find something better.

I started searching the web trying to find places that fit within our specifications – budget, location, pet-friendly, number of bedrooms, etc. I did manage to find a few places that seemed perfect so I emailed the estate agents through their online form. I am STILL waiting for someone to get back to me.

I then mentioned my irritation to my step-mom who then got in touch with one of her rental contacts. (My parents have a bachelor cottage on their property and they used this contact to get a tenant.)

Anyways… This contact called me last week and once we’d chatted about requirements, she told me that she had something available Northgate way. We arranged to view it last Saturday and were happy with what we saw. It’s a two bedroomed, one bathroom unit with a small garden, carport and garage in a quiet complex. It was perfect for our needs EXCEPT that I would end up sitting in traffic for ages each day. I know I shouldn’t complain about traffic as my daily traffic is minimal and most others have to battle with traffic, but I can’t see myself sitting in hours worth of traffic each day…

So it’s back to the drawing board to see what else we can find. Hopefully there is an estate agent out there that will actually take the time to contact me, else I’ll have to pitch a tent in one of your gardens…

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles

*The cottage is beautiful and modern so at a first glance one wouldn’t think that there were any problems. However when it rains the roof leaks (mainly because of the build-up of leaves on the flat roof), the ceiling cornices aren’t sealed properly so gunk from the roof sifts through onto all surfaces including our pillows, and the gas oven needs to be monitored when cooking as the gas just “decides” to switch off – to name but a few. These problems aren’t huge! The could be solved in an afternoon or two if the landlady cared a little.

PS: After drafting this post, we saw that our landlady had an open house last Sunday. We then found out that she hasn’t been able to sell the cottage and so was putting the main house up for sale which would mean her and her son would move into the cottage. Seems like a wonderful twist of fate because now she’ll experience what we’ve been struggling with the past couple years. Can you hear me do a little Dr Evil giggle??


  1. which area are you looking in? and to rent or buy? we bought thru http://www.chaseveritt.com/ and had great service – our estate agent is awesome, but only specialises in kyalami hills area – but if he is anything to go by, their other agents should be great too.

    good luck!! it’s such fun looking at houses, but such a mission to make a decision and move!

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  2. We have been having the same conversation here…but we have decided to stick it out for a few more months.

    Good luck!

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  3. Have you tried PrivateProperty.co.za?

    What about buying?

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