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There’s a sweet old man who lives up the road from us. Every weekend I see him standing on the road literally watching the people pass him by in their cars. Every time I see him, I wave enthusiastically and smile and carry on down the road to wherever I’m going. And then I repeat the same thing when I come home if he is still outside. Each time I wave and smile he reciprocates with a broad smile and a hearty wave.

I often wonder why he is so fascinated with comings and goings of those in the neighbourhood or whether he is just bored with nothing else to do. And then I find myself thinking about walking up the road, introducing myself properly, and dropping off a plate of cookies or cupcakes, and making him feel like someone cares.

We recently got a newsletter from the neighbourhood association saying that we should ‘adopt an elderly neighbour’ and maybe this is the time to walk up the road, ring the doorbell and invite myself in for tea. What do you think…

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles


  1. I think you should drop off the cookies, but leave it as that, a friendly chat. X

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