Thirty Three

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To celebrate the big THREE THREE I wanted to do something different. Something out-of-town but not too far out of town. Something a little adventurous. Enter Pretville. A 1950’s inspired film set based in Hartebeesport…

The day started off in a bit of a rush trying to get my homemade birthday cake finished, packing paper plates and disposable forks, as well as getting ready and trying out my new make-up application “skills”. We headed off a little later than hoped and I didn’t want to have to think about navigating as well! Luckily Pretville is a known location on Google Maps so it was easy to get to.

The day was slightly gloomy and overcast but don’t let the cloudy skies fool you as it was so humid. We were all quite thankful for the cloud cover as I can only imagine how hot it would have been if there were blue cloudless skies overhead.

The town was a film set and has now been “changed” into a local attraction. There is a hair salon equipped with all the 1950’s essentials including blue hood dryers and pink basins. There is a bank, a chemist, a mechanic’s workshop, a bedroom, among others. Like other museums you can view these rooms but you can’t walk further than through the door. There is a small cinema that screens films shot onsite and your entrance fee to Pretville includes viewings of the films at certain times.

Once we’d had our fill of taking pics, posing in the wooden cut-outs of James Dean or Marilyn Monroe, and generally just strolling through the town and taking it all in, we headed to the diner. You aren’t able to bring in any food or drinks because of the diner and the revenue that is created there. We took a seat inside where it was a little cooler and ordered some burgers and shakes.

After that we wandered around a bit more and took a few more pics before calling it a day and heading home in the early afternoon.

This was an awesome outing! My niece and nephew had a marvelous time running around and seeing all there was to see and getting into every car that they could get in to and pretend to drive. I would recommend getting there mid-morning to stroll around, take pics and enjoy a shake. I would however recommend going somewhere else for a bite to eat as the burgers weren’t really great.

So… Another year older. A whole bunch of adventures under the belt. And a million new memories created. Here’s to THREE THREE and everything the year ahead brings.

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