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I fully understand the reasons why the Think Bike initiative was started. What I don’t understand is why I should “think bike” when the motorcyclists cannot think for themselves.

Think Bike says that “when out driving, [motor vehicles should] consciously look out for motorcycles, and give them a little space”. I am happy to move further left in my lane to allow for a motorcycle to pass me safely while I’m stuck in traffic. And I do! What I am not happy to do, is to be forced further left in my lane to avoid hitting a motorcyclist head on because he’s too impatient to wait in his own lane until it’s safe to pass.

I had always believed that motorcyclists were supposed to drive as any ‘normal’ motor vehicle with the same rules and regulations. So I went here (among other websites) and I found this:

“Ride where you are the most visible to any car that may want to come into your path. Choose the lane with the least number of potential threats. Choose the line that offers the best traction. Give potential dangers a wide berth long before they become dangers at all. When there are a lot of cars behind you, travelling at roughly the same speed as you are, travel in the middle of the lane.”

I still believe that motorcyclists should drive in the middle of the lane as it provides the most visibility. But I also see the sense in them driving between lanes during traffic as it is legal and since they don’t add to the traffic congestion but it should be done in a cautious and slow manner. And as Arrive Alive states, motorcycles are the smallest vehicles on the road, they should be extra cautious, pay more attention to the signals and brake lights of other vehicles, and drive defensively.

I believe I am a very aware and cautious driver. I check my blindspot before changing lanes. I always keep a safe following distance to the car (or motorcycle) in front of me. I always signal my indication to turn or change lanes. And I keep at the speed limit. I may come under attack for this post, but I believe that motorcyclists don’t actually know how they should be driving on our roads. This may be a small thing, but oh boy how it grates me!


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  1. Personally, I believe motorcyclists are less and less like “bikers” and more like people who ride motorcycles. There’s a considerable difference. A biker will wear proper leathers, will wave a thank you if you move over for him or her and for the most part stick to the rules. Bikers know they are the smallest on the road, and they know car drivers do not easily see them unless they’re looking for them, and they keep this in mind.
    Then you have the people who have bought bikes because they save time and money. These are the guys giving “bikers” a bad reputation.

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    • Wow! Thanks for this! To be honest, I never thought of distinguishing the two kinds of motorcycle users because I saw them all as ‘one’. I will remember from now on that there is a distinct difference between a biker, and a motorcyclist. 🙂

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  2. a little confession: I always thought the “think bike” stickers the people have on their cars was because they like biking over weekends, so they pretend their cars are like bikes 🙂 *blush*

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    • LOL! That is awesome! I’m glad I’m not the only one that has blonde moments… 🙂

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