The weekend that was…

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…was amazing and filled to the brim!

Saturday morning I got pampered and relaxed at my monthly session. That afternoon I dragged Gary off to Hartebeesport so I could put the TomTom I have for review to the test. We took a leisurely drive there and decided to go over the Dam Wall as I hadn’t been there for a while (if ever). I am quite surprised I managed to get the shot as we were driving at the time (we couldn’t stop as there were a queue of cars behind us).

We then stopped at a little Portuguese restaurant for lunch where the owner/manager thought lunch is best served/digested while listening to Britney Spears. Worse than the chosen music though was the fact that the dessert menu held absolutely no appeal to my sweet tooth. It was a sad afternoon indeed!

Saturday evening I decided I needed to try out the Swiss Inn restaurant in Fourways as I have had fondue cravings for weeks. I should have left those cravings be as the fondue was really not tasty. It was so vile that I just had to tweet about it…

I left feeling disappointed and hungry…

Sunday morning came around too quickly and I got myself ready to go to the Market on Main which is part of the Arts on Main development programme. The market is open every Sunday from 10am until 3pm and it sells food (olives, soup, breads, etc) on the bottom level, and design/art stuff (vintage clothing, ceramic bowls, etc) on the top level. It isn’t the same size as the Rosebank Rooftop Market so don’t be disappointed when you rock up and see only about 30 stalls – it’s still growing but these select stalls will guarantee to thrill you.

We had a quick chocolate croissant and something hot to drink at The Canteen which is a little restaurant found in the courtyard outside the market. I really loved this dilapidated old armchair and loved the light effect.

After purchasing a few things at the market, we decided to take a walk down the road to see more of the Arts on Main development. I really love how these old shoes have been given a different use just by adding some plants. These were spotted nailed to the walls in the courtyard at the 12 Decades Hotel.

We then went up to the 12 Decades Hotel to see a few of the rooms. If you haven’t heard of this hotel before then you are missing out! Each of the 12 rooms depicts a decade of Johannesburg’s history. Each room was decorated by a prominent South African design team and were asked to interpret the decade in their décor. The first decade is 1886-1896, and the last is 1996-2006. It would have been awesome to see all 12 but unfortunately there were guests in most of the rooms.

We then went up to the hotel’s roof for a view of the city and to see the rooftop bar. The roof is in the process of being “greened” with plants, flowers and other décor. I’m looking forward to going back soon so I can see the finished product.

This gorgeous metal skyline of Johannesburg was spotted as we were walking back to the market…

And this next pic I entitled “Super-tubing in the city”…

It was a great weekend… I saw parts of my city I haven’t seen before. I saw the city through my CrossProcess photography app. I saw the city and thought how much I would have loved to see it in it’s heyday…

What did you get up to?

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles


  1. I love fondue, especially a cheese fondue. It’s a shame that you got a horrible one!

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  2. What a stunning weekend!
    I’ve been trying to get to Arts on Main for ages!! I really must make a plan

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    • I’m going to be taking my mom there when she comes out to visit at the end of the month… You’re welcome to meet us there if you’re free…

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  3. There is nothing wrong with Lady Spears’ music. That is all I have to say *Bob’s head to ‘As The World Ends’* 😛

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