The tooth fairy ain’t coming

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…because my receding gum has been fixed!!

Two weeks ago I went in for my gum graft operation to fix a receding gum. I arrived at the doctor’s rooms at 7:30am and was taken through to get comfy on the operating chair. They gave me a sleeping tablet to pop that would put me under for the duration of the op. I must either have a slow metabolism or they didn’t give me a high enough dosage as I was awake for the entire procedure! Yes the tablet did relax me. And yes the numbing injections they gave me didn’t make me feel any pain. BUT I could feel all the tugging and the pressure which freaked me out as I kept thinking…”they must be doing this now because they’re working on this area” or “they must be finishing up now because the doc just asked for the fishing gut”.

By 10am I was on my way home with the sleeping tablet starting to kick in. We had to go past the pharmacy to fill out my prescription and Gary tells me that I was insistent on paying for my medication instead of letting him do the necessary. I can’t remember any of this so I’ll just have to pretend that I was in my right mind and knew exactly what I was doing (even if I had to try put my PIN number in three times because I got the numbers mixed up).

We eventually got home (it seemed to take ages at the pharmacy) and I flopped into bed and passed out cold for a good few hours. I remember waking up for a brief moment when a mother of a storm passed over, but before I knew it I was passed out again.

The next few days were painful… I had a LOT of soup because my palate was so tender from the incision, and the stitches meant I couldn’t eat anything too hot or too cold or too hard. I did go “overboard” the one day by eating spaghetti bolognaise, and although it was a great change from the soup, it wasn’t soft enough to escape my tender mouth.

So two weeks have gone by and I went for my follow up appointment today. All is healing well and now I can start brushing the front lower teeth again though I need to stay away from the gum area. And in three weeks time I’ll be back at the dentist for another follow up to make sure all has grafted correctly. Hopefully after the next appointment I’ll be able to floss and brush again like normal. And hopefully after a few months the “crevice” in my palate will regenerate to what it was so I don’t have to fish food out with my tongue.

PS Thanks to everyone who sent me good luck and positive thoughts!

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles

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