The Lenovo Launch

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I met my fellow South African travellers, and the other event-goers, in the hotel lobby at 19h30 that Tuesday for our transfer to the event venue which was about 10 minutes away by bus. We arrived at an unknown location (well it would be unknown to me considering I was a tourist) and registered at the front desk before being ushered into the venue.

The venue was just gorgeous! Think old warehouse with very high ceilings, face brick walls that are a little white with age, concrete floors, metal trussing structures… I would just die if I could find something like this in Johannesburg (without the priciness) that I could transform into either a venue for events or a studio apartment.

Since I was in a foreign country without roaming allowed on my phone (and having not been able to find a decent shop to buy a sim card for data), I went back to the registration area to find out about their WiFi. I was in luck! They had WiFi available and handed me a piece of paper with the network and password. I returned to my group with the info and we all had trouble logging in. So we were given another piece of paper with a new network and password. Still no luck. Again we were given another piece of paper with new info but still no access. At this point I had run out of WiFi networks and decided to save my tweets until I got back to the hotel and its free WiFi in the lobby.

The event space within the warehouse was cordoned off by the use of many plinths each housing one of Lenovo’s new tablets with professional lighting. At a given time, each plinth was lit up for a split second, while the others remained unlit, before the next plinth lit up, and so on until the effect was created like one of those old school children’s night lights. It was magical!


The presentation was like most presentations except this one featured Ashton Kutcher!! Did you know he is a product engineer with Lenovo? Seriously! We heard from some of the bigwigs at Lenovo and it was really awesome to be so close to the people that make those important decisions.

Once the presentation finished up, the people from Lenovo came around with the new Yoga Tablet so that we could all play a bit with it and see how it works. I love the feel of a new gadget in my hands!

While we were playing with the new gadget, waiters came around with snacks. I was so happy to see them as I was absolutely starved! Of the many scrumptious snacks that came my way, my favourite was this melted cheese on a stick. So simple. So delicious. Why had I not thought of this first?!

After we had had enough to eat, Mohammed (from Lenovo’s Dubai office) asked if any of us would be interested in an interview with Oliver Ebel (Vice President and General Manager of Lenovo Middle East and Africa). I jumped at the chance and was ushered through to a separate, slightly less loud, room so we could chat.

Besides an amazing evening out hosted by Lenovo with great food, a fantastic venue and fabulous company, the highlight of the evening was the announcement that we’d get to keep the *Yoga Tablet we’d been given to hold and play with! How absolutely amazing! I was on a high the entire ride back to the hotel that I found it super difficult to fall asleep even though it was already past 23h00.

*I will be writing a proper review of the Yoga Tablet soon so keep your eyes peeled.

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