The Colour Festival

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On Saturday we were lucky enough to go to the #WeAreOne colour festival held at Emmarentia Dam. My friend had bought us all tickets in celebration of her birthday and even supplied us with kooky coloured sunglasses and a ziplock bag for our iPhones. We arrived by taxi way ahead of time so we could enter the demarcated area without having to queue and also with enough time to buy paint powder before it sold out. I bought overalls for Gary and I and five packets of paint powder to use.


We found a spot in some shade and waited patiently for 13h00 to chime as this was when the first lot of paint would be released, and then it would happen again every hour on the hour. The first “let off” was tame as there weren’t that many people yet, but enough to get some colour on us. By the time we had the second and third “let off” a lot more people were there which meant a lot more paint powder. There was so much powder in the air that the sun was blocked out and it got dark! Luckily it dissipated quite quickly so we weren’t left choking on powder while groping around without the sun.

So this is my friend and I after the third “let off”.

And this is Gary and I.

I have washed everything twice. I have soaked everything in vanish. And still my white top is not white. But luckily I wore my old painting clothes so it didn’t matter if they got a little dirty (and just as well as the overalls I had didn’t really help much).

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles


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