The chapter ends…

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After three and a bit years, I said goodbye to the work environment and colleagues that have become a part of my life. At first the decision to resign was difficult as I felt I was taking a big risk in resigning without having something else lined up. But as my mom pointed out, sometimes you have to close one door to allow another door to open with new opportunities.

The last two months have gone by so quickly. There were some days when I wondered whether I had made the right decision as I was leaving a job where I knew exactly what to do, where I fitted in, how things worked, etc. I like my comfort zone. I like feeling and being in control. But then I’d have the days where my decision to resign was validated and I thought “only X more weeks/days”.

The last thing I did before leaving yesterday was to cut up the only tie left – the card in my name linked to the business account. It was something so surreal and symbolic.

the chapter ends

And now in the book of my life, this chapter has ended. It didn’t end in quite the way I thought it would… I thought my boss may have organised a goodbye party with some tea and cake. Or at the very least to call and say goodbye at the end of the work day. But there was nothing. Not even an SMS or smoke signal. And that made me feel quite hurt, that the last three years of blood, sweat and tears had meant nothing.

But everything is okay. I am okay. And I am happy that this chapter has ended.

Here’s to ending chapters. Here’s to new beginnings.


  1. You know, I was JUST thinking that this morning, as I drove past your *old* place of employment. Wondered what amazing shindig had been arranged for your leaving … so it sucks that nothing was done. But, you’ve closed that door and I’ve no doubt that amazing opportunities await! GOOD LUCK!!!

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  2. All the very best in whatever you decide to do next – I’m sure you’ll be brilliant at it! 🙂

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  3. All the best ! I am sure you made the right choice judging the “non effort” in your farewell

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  4. Good luck for your new adventure. The fact that he did nothing showed that you weren’t appreciated the way you should be. Here’s to onwards and upwards! x

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    It will feel very odd for a while, but I’m confident you’ve made the right decision.


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