The case of the missing pants

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At this moment I’d love to be right about my suspicions and happy!

You see, the case of the missing pants goes like this…

Last weekend I was packing for my work trip to the Drakensberg. I had to pack clothes that were in my cupboard since these were clean and ironed. I had done some laundry a couple days before I packed in hope that I’d have some time to iron a few other items. But I didn’t. 🙁 So I packed my bag, went to the ‘Berg, did my function, and returned on Wednesday. I didn’t realise that The Case of the Missing Pants had been opened until I was looking for my pair of black pants. Now I know they were in the washed-but-still-to-be-ironed laundry basket before I left as I had wanted to pack them but didn’t have a chance to iron them. But now they had disappeared! Gary and I searched high and low for this pair of pants but to no avail. I immediately suspected our maid, isn’t that sad! She arrived today as usual (she works for us every Wednesday) and Gary told her we’d searched for these pants but couldn’t find them. She searched in the washed-but-still-to-be-ironed laundry basket and miraculously brought out the missing pants! Now let me ask you something… I personally washed and dried all the clothes in that laundry basket over the last few days and not once did I see the pants! So how in Houdini’s name did they magic themselves in the washed-but-still-to-be-ironed laundry basket when I never washed them or put them there?!

As you can guess, I am super frustrated at the moment and have no idea what to do. Gary has said we can’t do anything because we have no proof that she took them. And apparently my mental photograph is not evidence enough! 🙁 A friend from Twitter suggested we tell her that we’ve noticed things are going missing and that if anything further goes missing that we’ll be forced to let her go.

So, what can we do? Please help!

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles

P.S. Just for the record, I noticed a set of coloured pens and a mini sewing kit went missing quite a few weeks ago. I did mention these to her but they didn’t show up. So now I’ll be waiting in anticipation for them to ‘magic’ themselves into the washed-but-still-to-be-ironed laundry basket!

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  1. eeesh… i had that happen to me a long time ago.. until one day I stopped trusting her and noticed weird goings on. Clothes disappearing/reappearing.

    Turns out she was hiding stuff around the place and kept them in hiding till she was certain I wasn’t going to miss them.

    I lost a lot in that war 🙁

    I would just let her know that you are aware of a “situation” and see how it pans out…

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  2. I had a very similar problem!!

    i set a “trap”… we have a tub with coins in, in the spare room… on the day, i counted the money – there was R35 on the dot (R5, R2, 50c, 20c etc… a real mixture)… i came home that afternoon, and counted the money.. R10,70 was missing…

    i confronted her, and said i counted this morning at 7am… and now at 3pm… between that time, R10 is missing and she is teh ONLY person in the house!!

    what else can i think? I need someone in my house who i can trust when i am not there. i dont trust u anymore… sorry but i dont think we need u next week.


    good luck with solving the case :/

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  3. This is a scary thing for me, my cleaning lady recently started studying full time. I am in desperate need of another lady, but where do I find one that does not “find” missing things in the washed-but-still-to-be-ironed laundry basket?

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  4. This has happened with us too! I tear the house apart looking for something – ask Johanna and BAM there it is!

    So odd!

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