The 21st Century Tooth Fairy

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I recently came across an awesome article about a father who created a pneumatic transport system to redefine his son’s Tooth Fairy experience and bring Miss Tooth to the 21st century. Jeff Highsmith invented this transport system as a way to help the Tooth Fairy receive his children’s teeth and for Miss Tooth to send money back to the children. Quite a fabulous idea considering Miss Tooth must get exhausted with all the other tooth collections.

Jeff installed PVC pipes with a central vacuum in the attic and a station in each child’s room. The kids place their teeth in a small plastic bottle that travels from one station to the next, and one of the parents puts the money in another bottle at the other station to send back.

For now the system only works for the Tooth Fairy, but Jeff included buttons for Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny so hopefully we’ll see an update again soon.


I’d love to be able to put a geeky gadget spin on Miss Tooth and the other fantastical characters. Perhaps The Husband can look into something like this when the kidlets come along…

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