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This past Saturday was my dear friend Sheena’s bachelorette and after a lovely chilled late afternoon of cocktails, snacks and chatting we headed to Teaze-Hers. I have never been to a strip club before and was really intrigued as to what it would be like.

Teaze-Hers is situated in the same building as Teasers in Rivonia except Teasers is downstairs and Teaze-Hers is upstairs. I didn’t know this beforehand so when I arrived I walked straight through and got a bit disoriented when I saw girls dancing on the stage. I then caught someone’s attention who pointed me in the directions of a set of stairs hidden in the corner.

There was such a big difference between the two areas! The upstairs area was dark and relatively cramped with little ventilation, too-loud music, a very small stage, and no microphone to hear the announcements of the next dance routine. The downstairs area on the other hand had well-spaced booths, a double-volume ceiling, less deafening music, and a more visible stage. Perhaps it was my complete sobriety that made the music upstairs appear too loud, but the differences were there nonetheless and the Event Manager in me wanted to change everything and make it work better for us girls!

Despite the cramped, loud and non-ventilated atmosphere, and despite not being tipsy I did have the most awesome time! It made my heart happy seeing the ladies smiling around the table. Sometimes they were smiles of shock. Sometimes smiles of wonder. Sometimes smiles of sheer naughtiness.

We started off the evening choosing a stripper for a special bachelorette package which would see the bride-to-be on stage as the centre of attention. We chose Stripper James and instead of just handing him the money, I counted out the notes while slipping them into his waistband. There were no wandering hands from me!

Show Me The Money

Hundred Dollah Bills Yo

The rest of the evening was spent ooohing! Ooohing at some of the dance routines. Ooohing at the abs on some of the guys. Ooohing at some of the tables that chose table dances resulting in complete stripper nakedness.

We had a table dance or three. And I seemed to have chosen the “safe” seat as I managed not to be picked on, well until the last table dance… That guy decided to pick me up by my thighs and slam me onto our table. It would have been sexy and hot as hell had I not banged my head so hard on the table from momentum resulting in a killer headache. But it was still fun!

The weirdest part of the whole evening?! In chatting to some of the guys we discovered that many of them are stereotypes in that they took up stripping as a way to make money to put themselves through university or to save money to pursue a specific course. One guy was paying his way through a Biomedicine degree. He wasn’t just a pretty face with abs of steel…

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