Spoiled by Converse

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So remember this post about the #MyConverse event I was invited to last year and how I had to customise a pair of shoes… Well what I didn’t tell you then is that a winner would be chosen based on their shoe design!

When we arrived at the event it was explained to us that a personal shopper would go around with us so that we could select our favourite FIVE Converse items. And if we won, we would get all five items! Gary was thrilled because there was a certain pair of sneakers that he had been eyeing out for months!

Every week thereafter I waited to hear from them as to whether I had won or not. I started checking up on Converse’s twitter feed and then happened upon this blog post where I spotted a pic of our shoes (Gary’s design side-by-side with my design). I thought that maybe I had won because my shoes were featured…but I decided not to count my chickens and waited a little longer.

And then I got a call to confirm my address details as there was to be a delivery. And when I got home on Monday I spotted a rather large box on the couch waiting to be opened. YAY! This was it!! And (bar for one pair of shoes that was out of stock) this is what we chose:






Thanks again Converse, you rock!

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