Spare Bedroom Spending

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As mentioned in a previous post, my mom is coming to stay with us on her return trip from overseas (which is this weekend) so we needed to get a move on with getting the spare room habitable. This is the story of finally getting the spare room ready for her arrival with some finishing touches, all thanks to our family and friends who spoiled us with generous gifts of cash and vouchers for our engagement.

Getting the headboard up was a mission! We first needed to find a way to attach the two separate pieces together, which we managed to do using a thin piece of plywood. Then we had to find a way to attach it to the wall without using deadbolts (so that it could easily be removed if/when we move). We walked around Builders Warehouse one day and found some L-shaped bolts and paired these with some U-shaped brackets. The bolts would be attached to the wall, while the brackets would be attached to the headboard, and this would allow the headboard to be hung on the wall securely. (This DIY thing is easy-peasy…)

After a LOT of drilling and even more mess, the headboard was finally up!

spare room 1

spare room 2

In an attempt to make the room look a little more “put together” in the interim, we included an old, spare pillow and then went to work on installing the curtain rail and putting up the curtains.

spare room 3

Using the colours of the duvet set we already had, I decided on decorating the room in burnt orange and hues of brown. The browns would keep the overall neutrality of my decor choices throughout the apartment, while the burnt orange would add that needed pop of colour. Luckily I went shopping recently which meant all the autumn colours were available including a lot of oranges!

I headed to Mr Price Home first and managed to find everything I needed, though I did have to go to two separate stores! First on the list was to find a chocolate brown fitted sheet and two matching pillowcases to complete the duvet set. Then I had a look through their decorative, scatter cushions and found some tan coloured cushions with a chocolate brown, white and orange circular design, as well as the perfect orange cushion to finish off the bed.

spare room 5

Next I needed to find some bedside lamps. My first thought was to get only one light and use the other bedside table to display some burnt orange vases and other orange coloured decor, but the promise of symmetry won! Then I fretted about the size of the lamps… MrMan really dislikes tall lamps, whilst I love taller lamps as I think they even out the spacing and create some height. I settled for silver, medium sized lamps with a neutral lampshade which I think work quite nicely with the overall look.

spare room 4

Now to move the rest of the boxes and the artwork and mirrors that I don’t yet know what to do with to the study area in the upstairs loft so that we’re ready for my mom’s arrival… Nothing like an imminent house guest to get the decorating done and dusted!


    • Right now Miss Piggy is just decorative as she isn’t plugged in… 😊

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  1. It looks so gorgeous! You have a hidden talent for this, I think. 🙂

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    • Awwww! Such kind words! I’ll totes come over to apply my skills to your home…

      Am really happy with how everything is coming together.

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    • Thank you! I’m sure she’ll be comfy and enjoy her time with me. 🙂

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  2. Lovely, lovely, lovely! It’s come a long way from when I was last there. Well done.

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