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So last night’s Sony event was the highlight of my week! Not only did I get to catch up with some other Girl Guide reviewers, I got to put my hands on some awesome new goodies that are coming onto the market. And if you count in the yummy canapés and delicious lamingtons and nut brownies, the night was sure to be a success!

The most exciting product that has stuck in my mind (and that I’m hoping to review…fingers crossed!) is the reinvented Handycam Camcorder. Sony has paired an HD camcorder with a projector! The camcorder looks like any other but now sports a built-in projector on the flip-out LCD display. This means that you would not need a TV screen or laptop to show your holiday videos or share your little one’s first steps… All you would need is a flat white wall! What’s also exciting is that the camcorder allows the videos to be projected from as far away as three metres, or as close as twenty centimetres (if I remember correctly). Let’s hope one of these little camcorders will be waiting for me at the Girl Guides’ offices soon… hint hint

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