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I’ve often sat down to blog but since there’s so much going on at the moment, I just don’t know what to say… A little sad, no?

First a quick follow-up from my Auntie Who post… My step-sister’s little one arrived early this past Saturday morning weighing just over 3kgs. Unfortunately she did develop a small infection and was placed in an incubator so when Gary and I went to visit on Sunday, we weren’t allowed to hold her or play with her. (We didn’t go visit on Saturday as my BIL advised not to as my step-sister was still zonked from the medication etc.) I am happy to announce though that baby is all better and she and her mommy were discharged yesterday. I haven’t had the chance to visit them again but I’m sure they are settling in nicely at home.

My brother’s little one is due on 28 March but apparently he can come any day now… Hope our care package arrives in time!

With regards to work… As always I am busy! And busy is of course, always an understatement! We have been on the go since we reopened in January (after our December holidays) in preparation for upcoming events. We are now in March. (Already!! Can you believe it?!) The month that is so busy with events that we are all counting down until it’s over. Let me put it in perspective… We had two weddings this past weekend – 1 in Cape Town and 1 in Pretoria. We then have a wedding in Cape Town this Saturday for a UK client. Then next weekend we have a 40th birthday. And the following weekend we have a 21st birthday on the Friday and a wedding on the Saturday. Most of these functions we have been working on since last year but unfortunately the real slog can only start once we have final guest numbers. Luckily I am so super duper organised that most aspects have been organised. It’s now just a waiting game for RSVP deadline dates so we can finalise numbers for catering or hiring etc.

The cool thing about work at the moment is that we recently bought a laptop for me to work off. My old machine was too damn slow and froze constantly. Now I have a super fast machine at my finger tips! And better yet, when I go home each evening, I have something to blog with etc. Fabulous!

And finally, the part you’ve all been waiting for… My personal life! Well… We have received our wedding invitations and we are now trying to find the time to get them all delivered. No small feat when work is keeping us both busy. My dress has arrived and I am going to see it on Tuesday. Excitement! All dress fitting appointments have been made so now it’s just a count down until my dress fits perfectly. My shoes have been found, I just need to take them past a shop where another hole can be made in the strap. Not sure who can do this but I don’t think it’ll be too difficult. My hair and make-up trial went wonderfully so that’s sorted too. My bridesmaid has her dress but we still need to find her some shoes. Gary and his best man still need to sort out their outfits but that’ll be a quick and easy process. So basically everything is sorted.

Between you and me, I was chatting to a few friends the other day who are getting married in April and they were stressing about this and stressing about that. Meanwhile when they said they haven’t thought of X, I was thinking “Check! Been done already!”. I am now stressing that I’m not stressing! It may not make any sense but I can’t help myself…

What’s news with you?

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles


  1. how exciting about your dress arriving! I can’t wait to make progress on The Dress!

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  2. Hey Chickadee! Sounds like things are falling into place nicely for you on all fronts!
    Re: the shoes – many dry cleaners have a shoe repair business on the side or should be able to direct you to one to get that hole made in your Wedding Shoe straps…

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  3. Can I borrow you for like, a week, just to get my life vaguely organised? I feell like I belong on one of those reality shows where they have a team of people go into someone’s really, really messy, disorganised home and just put order into everything and at the end of it all, it’s like the person’s had a lifestyle makeover!

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  4. Ha! I’m sure you’ll start stressing eventually. 😉 I’m glad everything is going so well.

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  5. It sounds like you’re all organised! All the best for your big day 🙂

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  6. I had a wonderful time planning my wedding. And this post made me heart sore for you all over again.

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