Girl Guides: Shopping Online with Pick n Pay

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– Online shopping trolley
– Works on Safari, Internet Explorer and Chrome
– Payment via credit card

The Pick ‘n Pay online shop has changed my life! There, I said it. But please don’t tell my husband as he’s been urging us to use this facility for years and I’d hate to hear him say “I told you so”. I am now able to save the hour it takes to do a monthly grocery shop and put it to good use by soaking in a bubble bath. And being able to see a running total of my online trolley, I am able to ascertain whether there is a little bit extra for that wine and chocolate I have been craving. (Normally when you’re shopping the old fashioned way, you wait until all the items have been rung up and then you kick yourself when you’ve gone over budget, or if you have a little extra to spend, you debate whether to keep the other shoppers waiting while you go and get that box of cookies you spotted and said no to.)

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