Saying goodbye to 29

Posted By on Oct 21, 2014 | 2 comments

Last year I wrote this post the night before my birthday and it’s in such stark contrast to this year.

I’m not sure whether I subconsciously knew that a few short weeks later my life would start changing beyond belief. But looking back now I see things much clearer. My birthday has always been a big celebration for me and reading last year’s post has really opened my eyes to how much I had changed and how I hadn’t been putting myself first. I’d compromised, which isn’t a bad thing, but in this case it was.

With everything that has happened, I vowed that this year would be one to remember. I don’t want to remember all the hurt and pain, but rather the obstacles I overcame, the strength I found within myself, and the happier me that has emerged. Like a butterfly coming out of it’s cocoon if you will. 🙂

I have been planning my thirtieth celebration for many months and I am sure it’ll be everything I hope for and more. (With my friends and family around me there’ll be no reason to doubt this.) I plan on waking up tomorrow with light, love and happiness. I plan on welcoming my Flirty Thirties with the strength, courage and wisdom I have found within me this year. And I plan on continuing to celebrate life even with the twists and turns it delivers…

So, hello Thirty! I’m no longer scared of you so give me everything you’ve got!


  1. HAPPY (EARLY) BIRTHDAY! Hope it’s all you wished for and more xoxo

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