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Ever since I started driving I have never let my car run out of petrol. Probably because I have a fear of being stuck on the side of the road with no one able to come to my aid. And because I’m super organised and efficient, I fill up as soon as it’s only a quarter full.

I have being going steady and strong with my little Bullet for over two years now. And still I have no idea how far I can go once my petrol light comes on. I’ve looked it up in the manual, but there is no mention of anything in there… I’ve searched online and haven’t really found something concrete… I even asked Twitter, but got a few different responses.

I fear I may have to drive around a petrol station to clock up the KMs this afternoon so I don’t have to worry about being stuck on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere far away from the nearest petrol station…

So! Does anyone know how far I can drive on my reserve tank in a T1 Yaris?

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  1. absolutely no idea.

    but as i’m the exact opposite of organised when it comes to things like this, I know I can usually go 2-3 days (don’t even know distance) without having to fill up, when the petrol light goes on in my car.

    how bad is that?!

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  2. Like ExMi, I know how many times I can drive to work and back when my light is on! Sometimes I wish I could be that organised!!

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  3. @ExMi @alet2020 You’d think that I’d be organised enough to know how far I can go before getting myself stranded… 😛

    @StevenMcD Thanks hunny! Will take a look at it later and hopefully it’ll give me some answers…

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  4. I’m like @ExMi. I know what level *under* the line i can squeeze out of both our cars. Hubby’s bakkie is about 80km once light comes on.

    It’s not organisation that prevents me having a full tank – it’s broke-ness 😉

    Your specific yaris is based on my daihatsu charade, AND also has a heavier body. I get 450+ km’s on “fill to the first click” which was R250 to fill a couple weeks ago… and my car is well past needing a service.

    My Hubby had a brilliant way of working it out. but since i couldnt type it fast enough we’ll never know 😉 It was something to the effect of : fill your tank, check how many litres it takes (and check book for how many litres your car should take. Small tank like mine takes about 30 litres) Then drive it to your normal point (and fill again?), you’ll calculate your litres/100 from that and taking the litres/100 calculation will be able to calculate how many litres are left and how many km’s can go from there.

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  5. LOL you are too funny, be thankful that you are so organised. I was like that pre-kids… now I’m forever running on empty cos I’m always in too much of a hurry

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  6. I dunno how far your bullet can go, but I always knew with my other cars exactly how far I could go once that light came on!

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