Road Tripping to Polokwane

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This past weekend I went road tripping to Polokwane with a few friends to visit another friend who recently moved there. It was a lovely weekend. Everything I didn’t know I wanted and needed!

Hans, Robyn, Simon and I headed out early on Friday afternoon and Hans insisted on a selfie of the four of us before the start of our holiday. 🙂


The drive was uneventful other than a little bit of traffic as we hit Polokwane. As we were going to arrive in the early evening we decided to meet Kirsty and her boyfriend Dave at the cottage we’d booked for the weekend rather than delay our arrival with meeting them at their place first. Our 6 sleeper, self-catering cottage was at Stanford Lake Lodge, situated a little outside Polokwane. It was so peaceful and had the most amazing view of the dam that I would definitely go back!

Since we were all a little lazy that Friday evening, and we’d all brought so much food, we decided that dinner would be a selection of snacks – biltong, crackers, cheese, chips, cold meats, and cream cheese followed by my homemade brownies and a delectable milk tart ice-cream that Kirsty found. The relaxed atmosphere had us chatting and eating and drinking until all hours of the morning. We also dragged a few blankets outside to lie under the stars and take in the beauty of night sky.

Saturday started with a short walk in our pyjamas to view the lake, get some fresh air, and take some pics. We then had a lazy breakfast before getting ready to start our day’s adventures.




We all piled into one car and headed to the Canopy Tour in the Magoebaskloof mountains. I roped Robyn and Hans into doing the canopy tour with me since it was one of my items to-do this year. The others went off on an adventure of their own while the three of us enjoyed two hours of adrenalin, views, heights, and fun. (More on this here.)


After our adventure we all came back together and headed to Kings Walden. What a breathtaking place! The gardens are magnificent and speak of a time when you would throw huge garden parties for your friends and family and dance the night away. They speak of love and romance. They speak of believing in secret gardens and discovering hidden treasures.



If the gardens weren’t enough, the property has the most amazing view too. The main feature, which is just too beautiful for words, is an enormous blue gum tree that was struck by lightning many years ago and now stands white and dramatic against the rolling hills. I would probably give all my sexy shoes to own such a romantic, gorgeous place like this!


We headed back to the cottage after taking in the sunset and had a delicious braai. We were all quite exhausted from the late night the evening before and the day’s adventures so we didn’t stay up too late. Even though we could barely keep our eyes open, Robyn and I still made sure to lie under the stars again – enjoying the sight of the Milky Way, counting shooting stars and chatting about everything and anything.

A beautiful morning greeted us on Sunday! Again we went out in our pyjamas to take in the sunrise over the lake. How gorgeous is this view? I just love the reflection of the trees in the lake’s surface and the way the rays of sunlight reach out to caress everything.


It was a little chillier than Saturday morning so we headed back to our cottage to enjoy the view from the patio bundled under blankets with cups of steaming coffee in our hands.


We decided to have a lazy, hearty brunch at the cottage and use up some more of the food we’d packed instead of rushing to get ready and pack and then have lunch on the road. It was the best decision! While Kirsty cooked us a delicious breakfast, Hans, Dave and I  took a little stroll down to the edge of the lake. By the time we came back, food was ready to go and we just needed to set the table.

Brunch was relaxed and we tried to eat as much as possible and not waste the deliciousness. We even went so far as to have dessert afterwards which consisted of mini pancakes with cinnamon and sugar, jelly and custard cups, chocolate mousse cups, and slabs of chocolate.

After eating we started to pack. We went through the kitchen and decided what we’d take back with us and what we’d leave for the cleaning lady. We then packed our bags and double checked each room to make sure nothing was left behind. And then we packed the cars and gave our last hugs and kisses goodbye.

One thing I realised while lying under the stars is that it is important to take time out on the weekend. I’m not talking about lying on the couch reading a book or watching series, although that can be a holiday in itself. I’m talking about driving a little way out of town and taking a short holiday. It’s amazing how the relaxation hits you as soon as the city is behind you. It’s amazing to be able to drive a few hours and be surrounded my fresh air, starry skies and nature. I need to remember to plan to get away. I need to remember to make time for myself.

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