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I inherited two Morris chairs from my maternal grandparents several years ago. They have always needed a little bit of “work” but they have always been further down the to-do list than other items. My grandmother actually wove the cushion covers herself but the cushioning was super uncomfortable. And had a previous pet been a little more well-behaved, the covers could have been deep-cleaned and kept… The actual chair probably needs to be sanded down and either varnished/sealed or painted but that will be for another time as the reupholstery was more important.

This is the before pic.

I used the same contact as with my 6 seater lounge suite that was reupholstered before I moved into my home. He is an amazing guy who is friendly and accommodating, his workmanship is phenomenal, and he is really cost effective! We met towards the end of last year at my home so I could choose fabric using the colouring of the walls, other furniture and decor, etc as a reference. With all the fabric books he came with, it was a FEAT to finalise my decision…

I decided to keep to the neutral shades so they would fit in with decor no matter where they were placed (both in our house now, as well as in any future homes), and allowing pops of colour to be introduced easily with a scatter cushion or throw blanket.

And this is the after pic.

Gorgeous colours hey?! Then throw in a funny emoji pillow and colourful crocheted blanket and the entire look changes!

I really am so please with the chairs. Maybe once I have a garden or garage I will undertake the mission of giving the chair a bit of TLC with a much-needed sanding and varnishing… For now though, I have one less thing off my current to-do list!

If you have any pieces that need a bit of love in the reupholstery department, please let me know and I will gladly pass on Wellington’s details.

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