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While Gary was trawling iTunes for new and exciting apps, he came across the Nike Training Club. In an effort to try and get fitter and healthier, and because the app was free, I downloaded the 600MG file. And let me tell you, this app is worth every minute it took to download!

NTC is like your very own personal trainer! It’s designed to exercise and strengthen your whole body through various workouts and drills. And since there are different workouts, and some can be completed in only 15 minutes, there will no longer be an excuse for me not to exercise.

First you choose your goal and level of fitness, then you choose from a list of workouts according to what you want to achieve.

You will then see a list of the drills you will be doing in that workout.

If you click on a drill, you will be given step-by-step instructions on how to do it, or you can view the demo video. It’s a very good idea to view each drill before you start your workout so you know how to do them correctly.

From there you set your music. Either you select one of your playlists, an album, your entire library, or you choose to listen to no music. And then it’s time to exercise!

If you follow my twitter stream then you’ll know that I started exercising last Sunday when I did the 30 minute “Conditioning Corps” (Get Toned workout, beginner level). I almost died! Never has 30 minutes taken so long… The workout went like this:
– light jog for 1 minute
– high knee runs for 1 minute
– slide and glide for 2 minutes
– straight leg kicks for 1 minute
– recovery for 1 minute
– plank row for 1 minute
– single leg deadlift for 2 minutes
– high knee runs in place for 30 seconds
– deadlift for 1 minute
– mountain climbers for 30 seconds
– alternating step back lunges for 2 minutes
– sumo squat with press for 1 minute
– basketball lunge for 1 minute
– modified side plank leg lift for 2 minutes
– Russian twists for 1 minute
– toe touches for 1 minute
– single leg deadlift for 2 minutes
– opposite arm/leg supermans for 2 minutes
– walk outs for 1 minute
– shoulder press for 1 minute
– lying quad stretch for 2 minutes
– lower back stretch for 1 minute
– pretzel stretch for 2 minutes

By the end of the workout my legs felt like jelly and I was ready to pass out. By Monday morning, I could hardly walk because of stiff and sore muscles. That didn’t stop me from exercising after work though… Since I was so stiff and sore, I did a 15 minute “Ab Buster” (Get Focused workout). And by the end of that workout I was ready to buy a wheelchair! By Tuesday, my upper abs were so sore that it felt like my ribs were broken. On the bright side though, I know I am accomplishing something!

If you have an iPhone or an iPod touch and you’re wanting to get fitter without having to go to a gym, find and download the NTC app on iTunes and get exercising!

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles

*NTC is designed for women but I’m sure it would work just as well for any unfit male out there.


  1. That sounds awesome. I might try it if I can get past the whole actually EXERCISE thing. 😉

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