Pottery Painting

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If you live in Joburg and haven’t heard about Color Cafe then you need to change this FAST.

It is a lovely place situated in Hyde Park with hundreds of different pre-made pottery items that you can choose from to paint. They have everything from plates and bowls to cups, mugs and jugs to money boxes, and a host of other items to choose from. Once you’ve chosen your item, you then choose your paint colours as well as a design from the stencils available (if you don’t opt to paint on your own design). They offer an all inclusive package where the price of the chosen item is the only price you pay. This means you can use any number of paintbrushes, stencils, and coloured paints and take all the time you need to paint it. Once you’re done they’ll glaze and fire it in their kiln and you can collect it when ready.

I first heard about Color Cafe many years ago when my school friend arranged her birthday party there. We were all given small jewellery boxes to paint which didn’t take too long to paint once we’d actually figured out what design and colours we wanted.

Fast forward a few years to one of my first full time jobs where I suggested an afternoon outing to my boss where she, myself and our HR lady went to paint mugs for us to use at the office. It was a blissful afternoon spent being creative, chatting, and enjoying the drinks and snacks also available.

Then a few years later I went back with a colleague (from my new job) after I’d suggested making a personalised set of coffee cups and saucers for the boss for Christmas. We chose four colours and painstakingly pencilled his initial design (which is also the logo of the company) before painting. When choosing our colours we were advised to look at the paint bottle tops to get an indication of the final paint colour once it’d be glazed and fired.  This is the pic after we’d finished painting but before they were placed in the kiln to bake. You’ll see the colours look quite muted and more pastel.

2011-11-26 11.10.34 HDR

This is the after pic once I’d picked them up. The colours are a lot darker than before and worked really well together.

2011-12-09 16.38.21

This really is a fantastic way to use some creativity while making something completely unique, as well as spending time with loved ones! I definitely need to arrange another afternoon at Color Cafe where I can make a few things for my home and loved ones.

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