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I may or may not have a bit of Pinterest addiction. I first created a profile a while ago just as Pinterest was starting to get popular and went pin-mad. And then I went a little quiet (probably because work got manic). But then we moved into our first home and the interior decorator within me decided it was time to get pin-mad again.

We were very lucky to find a home that hasn’t needed much work in terms of renovations as the previous owners did a lot of that. But I have a million ideas of what I want to do to make my home my own. And while it’s all very exciting, I find that I need to curb my enthusiasm a bit as I have harshly realised that things won’t progress at a click of my fingers. Boo hoo right! So for now, Pinterest is my space to keep my ideas and thoughts about all the things I’m going to do.

When Gary and I first moved in, we decided that we would live in our home for a year before we started doing anything. That way we could live in our space without making rash decisions of removing this wall, taking out that tree, or changing that light. Now that we have been here a year and have noted (in our heads) all the things we’d like to do, it’s now down to what do we do first…

And I’ve decided that since there is a surprise visitor coming to stay in October that we’ll start with the guest room first. Here are a few of my pinspirations to turn my guest room into a teal and white dream.

So first I want to take this idea of the striped walls and have this as my feature wall instead of the usual one-shade-darker feature wall concept.
bedroom 1

Then I’m going to take this idea of the wooden headboard and make one of my own using an old wooden crate and white wash it. I am still thinking about whether we add cheesy “sweet dreams” wording or not…
bedroom 2

And this is the overall look I’m going for which is mostly white with the odd item in teal like the bed throw, the bedside lampshades, a painting…
bedroom 3

What do you think? I just know it will work and that I’ll have to do a before and after shoot.

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