Picture Perfect

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Of all the prints/artwork in my home, these two sets are my favourites!

Tony & Ian

When I was still searching for my home, I met up with some friends at a cafe in Illovo and spotted Tony and Ian. I can’t remember which is Tony and which is Ian now but I absolutely love these paintings. I love how the artist teamed a human body with an animal’s head giving these a fantastic talking point over their unusualness.  I only recently got these framed as I was waiting to find my home, decide where to put them, etc. I love the bit of red backing board which makes the colour pop in their waistcoats!


The Ladies

It’s no secret that I am a BIG fan of a certain second hand group on Facebook. My first buy was a couch that is now sitting in our TV loft and is the most comfortable thing ever! I came across a young lady selling a bunch of hand-drawn portraits. There were six available but I chose the below four as they spoke to me the most. Again, I love that they are not the normal type of portraits one sees. I love that they add a finishing touch to my bathroom.


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