Peppermint Fridge Tart

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Many of you know this easy-to-make dessert, and possibly even how to make it. I made this dessert for a family lunch we are attending tomorrow and thought I’d share the recipe with you.

1 x tin caramel (R15.99 each)
1 x 500ml cream (R25.99 each)
1 x bar mint chocolate (R17.99 each)
2 x packs tennis biscuits (R6.49 each)

Grate the chocolate. Beat the cream until stiff. Add in the caramel and mix again. Gently mix/fold in 3/4 of the grated chocolate. Then find a suitable dish and layer some tennis biscuits on the bottom. Then spoon on some of the cream/caramel/grated chocolate mixture and smooth over. Then sprinkle some of the extra grated chocolate over this mixture. Repeat the layer of biscuits, layer of mixture, etc until the mixture is finished. Then garnish the top with crushed tennis biscuits and the grated chocolate, cover with cling wrap and refrigerate.

*You can substitute the mint chocolate with flake for a more chocolatey taste.
*For more decadence, buy an extra tin of caramel and melt it slowly over a low heat in a saucepan. Then spread it over the cream/caramel/grated chocolate mixture before sprinkling over the grated chocolate and then layering the biscuits to repeat.


  1. You can also try using caramel pudding mixed with ideal milk, it is divine….

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  2. Always a winner. I also like the variation where you do the biscuits, spread the caramel over, grate the choc over and spread the cream, and layer as such for the rest.

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  3. I also love this dessert, my mom made the best peppermintcrisptart ever, and it was made the same way than what cat@jugglingact described:)

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