Parys & Parachutes

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My mom turned the big six-oh this year and one of the things she wanted to do was skydive. We picked her up from the airport on Friday night and managed to get a few hours sleep before waking at the crack of dawn to start the short roadtrip to Parys for her skydive.

We arrived at Stonehenge where the drop zone is located, which is also a getaway venue for conferences and events or day trips for those wanting to river raft, soak up the sun, or skydive. We were a little early so we took in the view and waited for the briefing session to start.

There was only one other person doing a tandem jump in my mom’s time slot, and as she had jumped before, the briefing was directed at my mom which I’m sure alleviated her nerves a little. Before we knew it she was putting on the harness and jumping into the car to take her to the small airstrip for take off.

We sat on the grass waiting to see or hear signs of the plane. We could clearly see the plane overhead a few times before it became just a speck and was difficult to pinpoint. Gary tried using the camera to zoom in like binoculars but that didn’t seem to work.


The sound of the airplane changed and you could spot one then two little specks in the sky as the passengers jumped out. They were even easier to see once they had pulled their parachutes.


The descent was pretty quick but it was awesome watching my mom and her parachute become bigger and bigger as they got closer to land.


The moment of impact.


My mom and her tandem jumping partner. Did you know he is one of the most qualified South African skydivers? So glad that he was the one to jump with her.


And what would an outing be if we didn’t get a few happy snaps of the family! Here is little Enzo with his daddy’s beer. He tried many many times to get that beer bottle into his mouth which had us all in hysterics.


Here is little Bella with her face painted like a butterfly.


And finally, here is my mom and me after a yummy lunch at the Parys Spur.


Can’t believe she leaves tomorrow already! At least it’s not that long until I see her again as she’ll be out later this year.

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