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On Friday I was treated to a VIP concert experience with TicketPro. If that wasn’t exciting enough, the band I got to see was One Republic (who was preceded by Gangs of Ballet).


My VIP ticket got me a special parking area so I didn’t need to fight all the peeps in traffic for a parking space in the masses of parking. This special parking area also meant a quick getaway after the concert. The VIP area was a short walk away from the parking area and was on the mezzanine level so I didn’t need to fight the crowds once again. Score!

I was treated to some yummy snacks and an open bar. But best of all was being able to sit on comfortable chairs away from the throngs of other concert-goers with our very own set of bathrooms. (Can you tell I’m getting older?!) After experiencing a concert this way, I fear I may not be able to attend another concert the “normal” way. 🙂


Gangs of Ballet were absolutely amazing. They sound exactly the same live as they do on the radio. And I didn’t realise how many songs of theirs I knew! I have a problem where I sing to a lot of songs on the radio but generally tune out when the DJ says who the artist was or what the song title was.

Just before One Republic came out a big announcement was made that the band’s first DVD was going to be filmed that night so we were going to get an extra amazing concert and that we should be extra amazing with our applause, woohoo-ing, etc. Excitement!

The concert was phenomenal! I sang along to all of the songs and had an absolute ball. I couldn’t quite believe how full the venue was. It must be the first times I have seen the Dome looking so full!


That right there folks are thousands of cellphone lights. What an awesome scene from our little spot.


The finale where confetti burst from the ceiling.


A big thanks to TicketPro for this amazing experience and allowing me to see such an awesome concert.

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