On Turning 30

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The big Three-Oh. The start of my Flirty Thirties (or dirty thirties if you prefer). As with most birthdays I don’t feel any different. Not older or wiser, although the past year has shown me more about myself than I knew. What I have realised is that I have viewed my thirtieth birthday as more than just a birthday…it became a destination, a milestone, a point I just had to get to. Because in my mind, the arrival of my birthday would signify the end to all the bad stuff. I just needed to reach it and still be standing and then I could embrace this change, start afresh and leave the past behind. And in a way that’s what has happened. Yes there are still a few things to be sorted through before the past can be completely laid to rest, but I’m hoping that these things will sort themselves out without too much hassle and allow me to move on.

Since it’s been a tough year, and it was a big birthday, a suitable celebration had to be planned. And boy did I plan it!

I decided on a pirate theme because who doesn’t love dressing up and searching for buried treasure. (Although in this instance there wasn’t any buried treasure.) I roped my dad in months ago and told him of my plan to have a treasure hunt. Not just any ordinary treasure hunt though, one of epic proportions like the one he’d organised for a family New Year’s Eve party in 1998 where there were a few teams that have to solve a series of riddled clues situated at the house and around the area (so driving is required). My dad loves this type of thing and he later set to work in creating the most difficult and longest treasure hunt ever!

To start off with, I came up with a digital invitation using a treasure map I found online.

Jessica's 30th invite

Then I gathered my dress up supplies and searched in my cupboard to put an outfit together.


And thought it quite hilarious to torture my sister…


I found some awesome “loot” bags for the sweetie table and the most awesome dollar bill serviettes which completed the little bit of decor I had.


An example of the crazy clues my dad put together. And this was one of the easier ones! Thank goodness I knew the area a bit and had placed siblings on the other teams otherwise we’d still be searching now…


Part of my awesome team!


Some intense pirate-face pulling towards the end of the evening…


And the best for last…my amazing treasure chest birthday cake created by my step-sister from a pic I’d sent her!


My celebration was just that…a celebration with my friends and family looking back on the past year with a sigh and looking toward the future with a smile.

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