On Getting Engaged

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Last night I got engaged! I am still floating somewhere above Cloud 9 and everything still feels very surreal. But I’m engaged! I have a fiancé! And I was taken completely by surprise.

The night had been planned for a week or so as we had dinner plans with MrMan’s best friend and his wife and it was put into our shared calendar. I had incorrectly read the venue as Piccolinos and was wondering why I would need to go change when MrMan suggested I relook at my outfit. I quickly checked the diary entry and realised my jeans and a tee would not be suitable to dine at Piccolo Mondo at the Michelangelo Hotel. Off I went to have a bath and get myself more acceptable.

No red flags or suspicions arose since we were going to such a fancy restaurant because we were going with MrMan’s friends. Needless to say it was completely unexpected when he asked me to marry him between starters and main course.

He asked me to stand and look “over there” to see something that his friends had already seen. I didn’t understand what could be so exciting with Nelson Mandela Square or something I hadn’t seen before but I stood up and went to where he said I should stand.

He started by reminding me about his four key elements in life – Honesty, Trust, Respect and Love. With watery eyes and a sudden realisation of what was happening, I just said YES YES YES even though he hadn’t asked the special question yet. He then got down on one knee and I answered YES one more time.

engaged 1

engaged 2

The ring is absolutely gorgeous and a perfect fit. It is engraved with the four key elements and will be a constant reminder in our life together.

engaged 0
Babe, it’s you and me together forever. I can’t wait for what life has in store for us. I am so excited about all the new memories we will make and the journey we will walk together.


  1. Awe Jess this is amazing! Here’s to second chances at life, and forever.

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  2. I’ve got goosebumps!! SO VERY happy for you!! Congratulations to you both!

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