Oh, Yuppiechef!

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How I love thee! Let me count the ways… Oh I already have! By compiling a wish list of absolute awesomeness after being sucked into your website last week. Yes, your website and goodies are that amazing that I got stuck in a Yuppiechef merry-go-round for a few hours and am now pining after these magnetic table weights, and these must-have letterpress cookie cutters, and a hundred different other items that are now included on an ever-growing wish list! (A note to my husband here that you should know it’s my birthday month soon and my Yuppiechef Wish List is open on my laptop just FYI…)

So how did I get to spend a few hours of my day pining after gadgets and creating an epic wish list? Well I received an email saying that I had vouchers waiting to be used! For those that know me, when I have a voucher to use I spend it! On the very rare occasion that I forget I have a voucher until I unearth it in my purse, I’ll then go and spend it immediately. Only once have I kept all my vouchers together until I was ready to spend them and that was when I got married! I knew we were going to be buying a home soon and since we didn’t need anything for our home right then and there, we waited until we’d moved in and then splurged on beautiful white crockery and other bits and pieces that we just had to have.

Upon hearing the fabulous news that I had vouchers to spend, I was filled with excitement and a little anxiety. Excitement because I was going to be able to buy something fabulous! But anxious because how would I be able to decide on what to buy without maxing out the credit card! Do you see how the Yuppiechef merry-go-round began? 🙂

I finally decided on what I wanted to call my own and went through the easy process of redeeming my vouchers and paying by credit card. And in a matter of days this arrived at my front door.
yuppichef 1

I just love the detail that goes into the packaging! I am crazy about attention-to-detail and really applaud Yuppiechef on sending out each package with a handwritten note. It really makes me feel like I am someone special and not just another customer. Snaps for you, Yuppiechef!!
yuppichef 2

And this is what I chose… I have always wanted a slow cooker but never actually got round to looking at what was available at the shops or online.
yuppichef 3

We decided this weekend that we just had to use our new slow cooker! We headed to the butchery on Saturday and selected some lamb shanks. These were the most massive lamb shanks I have ever seen! (They only just fitted in the slow cooker!) My darling husband then concocted an awesome dish using the little recipe booklet included as a guide and we left the dish to cook for several hours. The result was a scrumptious meal with the meat literally falling off the bone. It was delicious! Definitely something we will be doing again though first I need to test out the recipe for cheesecake… Yes, cheesecake!

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