Off and Running

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Over the weekend Gary and I had the chat… The chat about getting fitter and healthier, not that kinda chat! We went to a few shops to see what it would cost to get new running shoes (replacements for his ancient ones, and new ones for me because I don’t have), and some running kit. I decided we shouldn’t buy anything yet as we should make the effort to run before actually ‘treating’ ourselves.

On Sunday night, after all this chatting about fitness and healthiness, we said we would get up early on Monday morning for a quick run before getting ready for work. But Monday morning arrived and I hit snooze as soon as the alarm went off and decided sleep/cuddling would be a better way to spend those minutes!

I ended up getting home from work earlier than normal and, while waiting for Gary to come home, had psyched myself up for a run. As soon as Gary arrived I informed him that he needed to get changed as we were going running. To say he was dumbfounded is a severe understatement! (I’m not known for my will to do any exercise!)

We changed and headed out for a simple run around the block. But this was not as simple as it sounded! After only a few metres of jogging I was gasping for breath and had already developed a stitch. So it was a case of jog for a little bit, then walk for a long bit (so I could catch my breath), then jog again for a little bit, etc. It also didn’t help that my muscles were still sore after the pole dancing antics on Saturday.

I did manage to make it back home in one piece, albeit gasping for breath and hardly able to walk! But I am determined to get fitter and healthier. And Gary, the wonderful supportive fiancé that he is, will be by my side and will motivate me until I can run around the whole block!

So here’s to a great challenge! Hopefully I can keep it up!

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles

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  1. haha! made me smile – i remember when i decided to start running with peter … it sucked! i was just like u… gasping and stitching lol!
    i gave up pretty quickly tho – been thinking about getting more active again.

    good luck to you! hope u manage to stick it out!! 🙂

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  2. I don’t run. FULL STOP

    But I know what you mean, we’ve been going to the gym.

    Good luck with the running 😉

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