Review of the Nokia Lumia 625 review

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Quick Look
– Windows Phone 8
– Utilises a micro SIM
– 5 megapixel camera
– Interchangeable back covers in bright colours
– Thin and lightweight

First impressions are important and the Nokia Lumia 625 shines in this area. The device features a 4.7-inch screen with a plastic back that can be removed and replaced reminding me of the old Nokia 3310.

lumia 625 a

My review unit came in red (which looks more orange than red) but there are other colours available such as green, yellow, white and black. The interchangeable covers give the phone some serious personality over slightly more dull competitors.

What is important with the phone is that despite being a budget range phone, it in no way feels or looks cheap. On the outside you’ve got buttons for volume and power, and a dedicated camera button meaning quick and easy access to the camera. Speaking of the camera: it’s only a 5-megapixel shooter but the quality is pretty decent, especially during the day.

Battery life is pretty standard; you’ll need to charge daily but you’ll comfortably get through a day. The screen isn’t particularly super high-resolution but it’s very usable and you’d only notice this when coming from an iPhone or high end Android phone.

lumia 625 b

Internally you’ll be using Windows Phone 8 and while this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea it’s very tolerable.

At first I was quite worried about apps and using Windows Phone 8 but the more I got into it the more I enjoyed using the device. My biggest concern was a lack of apps but the basics I use such as Twitter, Facebook, Shazam and even an app similar to Instagram (called 6Tag) is available for all your social media needs.

In addition you get some great built-in apps such as a full Office Suite and Nokia Drive to replace your GPS. You can also download WeChat and Whatsapp so you’ll always be in contact with your friends. The Windows Phone 8 store isn’t as full as the Apple and Google apps stores but it’s tolerable. You might require some more sifting through junk but it’s all there.

One thing that’s important to me is the keyboard. While it took some time to get used to it, I’m typing at the same speed as my iPhone with around the same amount of mistakes. The prediction isn’t amazing but either I’m getting more accurate or it’s learning as the situation got better over the week I used the phone.

lumia 625 c

So why would you pick the Nokia Lumia 625 over a Samsung or other Android phone? Simple really…speed. Every low to mid end Android phone I’ve ever used is slow out of the box. I’ve installed a lot of apps, taken tons of pictures and used up most of the space on the phone without it slowing down.

The Nokia Lumia 625 is a great phone in its price range and I’d personally pick it over a basic Android phone any time.

Turn On’s
– Cheap without being junk
– It’s fast
– Decent bunch of apps
– The interchangeable back covers

Turn Offs
– Average screen
– Medium quality camera
– Windows Phone 8 has a lot of apps except Instagram

Price: R3,499.00

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