Nikki & Mike’s wedding

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I attended Nikki and Mike’s wedding this past Saturday and it was held at The Thatch in Kyalami. Nikki and I went to varsity together and it was amazing to be able to share in this memorable occasion after seeing her and Mike grow together over the years. Again it was a bitter sweet time for me but luckily the cake and food and great music distracted my mind…

And since a story is best told through pics, here they are…

This is the pic I posted to Twitter of the dress I wore.

This is the bride and groom as they exited the ceremony room.

I stole a pic of the couple while their photographer was doing her thing.

A perfect shot if I do say so myself! How many other photos do you see of a bride shoving cake into her groom’s mouth. Perfect timing!

Me with the bride, Nikki.

On the left, me with my friend Cindy who announced she is 17 weeks preggers! And on the right, me with my newly-wed friend Jo.

A classic shot of the bridal couple which epitomises their crazy-in-love relationship!

This was the last wedding “booked” into my diary for the year (but who knows what the rest of the year will bring). I must admit that I’m a bit sad that I won’t be dressing up again for a little while… Nothing quite like carefully choosing your best dress and then carefully choosing the best make-up and accessories.

Hugs & Kisses
Jessica Giggles

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  1. You can still dress up for work or a 27Dinner or something!??!

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