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Shopping For A Car

As you may know my precious little (paid-off) car was stolen in May last year. I managed to get a rental car for a month while insurance paid out. But because I wasn’t permanently employed yet I made the decision to wait before buying a new car. Luckily I was able to borrow a friend’s car that wasn’t being used. And when she did need it again a few weeks later, my father offered me the use of their spare car that was living in Sedgefield. I hadn’t expected to use the car for so long but with starting a new job and waiting for my probation period to come to an end and become permanent, it’s now been several months.

I started 2015 knowing it would be the year that I stepped out of the limbo I’ve been living in the last year and become a grown up again. I would buy myself a new car. I would find myself somewhere more permanent to live. I would sort out vehicle and household insurance. And generally just sort stuff out.

Well I got a phone call this past Sunday from my dad that has set the wheel in motion…he’s asked for the car back by the end of February as he and my step-mom are wanting to drive down to Sedgefield and leave the car there. Of course my first reaction was to panic because HOW CAN I POSSIBLY FIND THE RIGHT CAR IN A MONTH, and OMG NOW I REALLY HAVE TO START BUDGETING PROPERLY AGAIN. But truth be told, I’ve been putting away a set amount every month to get used to a car repayment, and because of this I know the maximum amount I could spend on a monthly installment. And because of this wonderfully technological society we live in, I had a few (read over 25) options by this past Wednesday. Organised is my middle name…

I promptly invited myself over to my sister’s house that evening so I could bend my brother-in-law’s ear since he knows a thing or two or three about cars. He told me which of my options were good, which to discount immediately, and which I should just test drive for fun. The main decision in my car choice is something that will have good fuel economy, something that’ll be big enough to suit me in a few years time, and something that fits into my budget, obviously!

I’ve narrowed down the options and seen a couple of them already (and will be seeing them again tomorrow with Mr Man as a second opinion). I think I’ve already made my decision which means I’ll probably have a new car by the end of next week… Oooooh! The excitement!

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  1. So excited for you for your new car!! It takes time but things eventually fall into place (we won’t mention all the agony and hard work that went into it!)

    When do we get to know more about MrMan? Don’t think we didn’t notice him just appear in your posts 🙂

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